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Frozen clove steps

Jun 07, 2018

Choice of materials: Select the garlic is basically mature, more than 4 cm in diameter, garlic clot, uniform size, clean, no insects and mildew.

Peeling: The garlic is chopped into garlic, peeled by hand, should be stripped and processed, otherwise it will be stored for a long time.

Boil: Pour well-sliced garlic into boiling water and keep stirring for about 2 minutes with a barrier to destroy the enzyme activity and prevent enzymatic browning during freezing and freezing.

Cooling: Immediately after blanching, pour into clean water to cool and rinse. Pay attention to coldness.

Quick-freezing: The above-mentioned series of processed garlic are immediately loaded into a freezing plate or directly placed on a conveyor belt and sent to a quick-freezing machine for freezing.

Packing: Put frozen garlic cubes into 5 kg plastic bags and then put them into cartons. Each box contains 2 bags.