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Ginger Cooking Tips

Jun 07, 2018

1. Ginger must be fresh. Do not use rotten ginger. It is said that rotten ginger produces a highly toxic substance that may cause liver cancer, esophageal cancer, and the like.

2. Do not peel the ginger. Chinese medicine has "leaving ginger skin is cool, and ginger skin is hot," said that grinding with ginger peel can maintain the balance of ginger medicine and give full play to its overall efficacy.

3. Ginger should be evenly placed on a relatively breathable cover pad or sieve, basket, placed ventilated place to dry, during the frequent turning.

4. Self-made ginger powder without additives, shelf life is relatively short, can be frozen for two weeks, frozen for 2 months.

5. Ginger Spicy temperature, is a hot food, according to the "hot cold" principle.