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How To Identify Poisonous Ginger?

Jun 07, 2018

There are roughly four steps to identify the poison ginger identification method: one smell, two tastes, three look, and four discharges.

One smell: The main thing is to check if there is any odor or sulfury taste on the surface of the ginger. The “toxic ginger” has a very strong sulphur taste. When you taste it, you will find that the ginger taste is not strong or the taste changes.

Two tastes: special taste, ginger taste is not strong or change the taste to be careful to buy;

Look at three: normal ginger looks rough, relatively dry, dark color; "toxic ginger" looks smooth, like a wax, very tender, pale yellow. "Ginger" ginger peels more easily than normal ginger. After splitting, there is a great difference between the inside and outside color.

Four release: General ginger shelf life is longer, and "toxic ginger" exposed to the air, a few days will be deteriorating mildew.

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