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Two Kinds Of Ginger Eating Recommendations

Jun 07, 2018

In the morning, it contains ginger flakes: After getting up in the morning, drink a cup of boiling water first, then peel the ginger and peel it, cut it into thin slices, take 4 to 5 slices, and then put the ginger into the mouth for 10-30 minutes, chewing. Adherence to food is of great benefit in preventing colds.

Drink ginger jujube soup: take morning jujube 10, ginger 5, brown sugar, decoction on behalf of the tea, 1 day, especially suitable for people eating cold winter hands and feet.

Food taboos: Eat ginger only about 10 grams at a time. If you eat too much, a lot of gingerol will stimulate the kidneys during kidney excretion. It will produce dry mouth, sore throat, constipation and other symptoms. Ginger has detoxification and sterilization effect. Those who are hot should not eat, rotten ginger, and frozen ginger should not be eaten because the ginger will produce carcinogens after it has gone bad.