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What Are The Benefits And Harms Of Garlic?

Jun 07, 2018

Although garlic has functions such as sterilization and detoxification, it is also very irritant and has a small amount of toxicity. It is particularly effective in stimulating the efficacy of the liver, lungs, stomach and eyes. People suffering from stomach diseases eat it and cause stomach problems. Pain intensifies; people with liver heat and hepatitis eat food that will make the illness go on fire; people with bronchitis, pneumonia, and bronchial asthma will eat more, cause more sputum, cough violently, asthma will not subside, and have eye disease. People eat it, make the eyes drowsy, itchy, red and swollen. The eclipse of healthy people is also easy to hurt the spleen, lung damage, liver damage, eye damage. People who like to eat garlic must not only know the advantages of garlic, but also understand the shortcomings of garlic in order to make up for their weaknesses according to their own needs.